What is Wise Eyes

Wise Eyes is a smart reporting app that makes it easy to build and share reports across an organisation, quickly and at a low cost. Wise Eyes = Operational reporting, made easy.

We understand that organisations rely on spreadsheets; so we help them to work smarter with them. With Wise Eyes there is no need for day-in/day-out repetitive copy and pasting by managers.

We provide organisations with the ability to spin-up reports based on multiple data sources, and share them, in minutes. Right from the start we knew that we did not want to be yet another heavy platform that required bespoke development and armies of consultants to implement it. Instead, we have built an app with intuitive usability at its core. Now, any company, large or small, can follow 5 simple steps to build every report it has ever needed.

Wise Eyes is brought to you by Productive Technology, a company created in 2000, initially to provide bespoke software development, and now providing a range of technology solutions to businesses around the globe.

Main Features

check Multi data source reports
check All popular databases
check 100+ cloud applications
check Output to browser and Excel
check Inject into existing Excel spreadsheets
check Cross-tabs
check Drill Down
check International currency formatting
check Format Cascade
check Parameter wizard
check Graphs: pie; bar; line; scatter; bubble
check Library of re-usable report components
check Time Rules
check Substitution Braces
check Database Explorer
check Feature rich desktop Designer
check Server/Browser for distribution
check Unlimited logins
check User Permissions
check Windows, MacOS, Linux
check Online Help with tutorials
check Report writing service
check Data Source Explorer