Report directly from 100+ cloud applications

Use multiple data sources in a single report


Wise Eyes allows creating reports directly from cloud applications and social media services as it is capable of retrieving data from 100+ data sources, such as Google Analytics, SAP, Twitter, SharePoint, relational databases, NoSQL databases and many other popular data sources. Wise Eyes also allows using the data gathered from multiple data sources in a single report. Find your data source.

Wise Eyes is a universal reporting tool

Wise Eyes is a tool that simplifies and speeds up reporting in any organization. Organizations using Wise Eyes make better operational and analytical use of the information in their data because it enables reports to be designed and distributed rapidly

Wise Eyes comes with many features, including multi-data source reports, 100+ cloud applications, inject into existing Excel spreadsheets and a library of re-usable report components. There are many more features to solve reporting issues in organizations.

Client-server relational databases
Direct file access relational databases
NoSQL and Big Data

Main Features of Wise Eyes

check Multi data source reports
check All popular databases
check 100+ cloud applications
check Output to browser and Excel
check Inject into existing Excel spreadsheets
check Cross-tabs
check Drill Down
check International currency formatting
check Format Cascade
check Parameter wizard
check Graphs: pie; bar; line; scatter; bubble
check Library of re-usable report components
check Time Rules
check Substitution Braces
check Database Explorer
check Feature rich desktop Designer
check Server/Browser for distribution
check Unlimited logins
check User Permissions
check Windows, MacOS, Linux
check Online Help with tutorials
check Report writing service
check Multi-database reports
check ~Replace parameters