Any Report

Wise Eyes has feature rich interface to design reports of any level of complexity and visualization requirements. Thus it can facilitate a document flow of any area of your business by executing a variety of possible reports

  • Operational reports, e.g. Packing list
  • Management reports, e.g. sales, productivity
  • Financial reports, e.g. Trial Balance, Aged Debtors
  • Customer and supplier, e.g. Excel
  • Document generation, e.g. Invoice, statements
  • Data transfer, e.g. by file, REST API
  • Custom design reports


Multi Data Source Reports

Do you have multiple data sources? Wise Eyes will help you combine them into one report.

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Excel Inject

For organisations that require data to be submitted on a heavily formatted spreadsheet that takes time to fill out, Excel inject can inject data into the complex spreadsheet meaning no precious time wasted.

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Five types of plots are available: scatter, line, bar, bubble and pie chart. You can combine them.

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Grid Report

A grid is the most common layout for reports. Click below to see Wise Eyes’ fully featured grid.

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Distribute reports via e-mail as an alternative to the Browser