Full Product Editions

The Full Product editions include The Designer, a feature rich desktop application for creating report definitions, and The Server for easy distribution of reports to run in The Viewer web portal.

Licensing is by user for the Designer and by Concurrent User and processor cores for the Server. All editions allow unlimited logins. There are four full product editions: Small, Medium, Large and Universe. Extra Designer User, Concurrent User and processor cores may be added to any licence to create the perfect package.

Cloud editions of The Server are recommended for smaller organisations. These are hosted by Productive Technology and instantly available. Self-hosted editions are installed and hosted by the customer on an in-house or cloud server. For intensive and high volume usage, hosting the reporting server (Wise Eyes) in the same server farm as the databases being reported has attractions.

Drivers are necessary to connect Wise Eyes to data sources. All editions include popular drivers. A choice of extra drivers is included in the edition price and further drivers may be purchased. Any driver purchased is available to all users, Designer and Viewer, subject to any technical restrictions.


Small Medium Large Universe
Small organisations Departmental use Medium sized organisations or large departments Larger multi-department organisations. Intensive use Large multi-site and international organisations
Logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent viewer users 5 25 500 Unlimited
Designer licences 2 5 12 Unlimited
Hosting Cloud Cloud or Self-host Cloud or Self-host Cloud or Self-host
Max server cores 1 1 2 4


If you need for some special requirements, such as more than 4 cores, contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Data Source Access

Most data sources require users to obtain a licence or open an account. Wise Eyes drivers do not include rights to use the data source (with very few exceptions).

Driver restrictions

Most drivers are available for all the platforms that Wise Eyes supports, however there are exceptions. Some drivers, because of the nature of the data source, can only be used from the Designer.

Supporting files

Some drivers require supporting files or additional software. Wherever legally and technically possible necessary supporting files are automatically downloaded and installed with the Wise Eyes driver file, thus providing a seamless user experience. For some drivers it is possible to download alternative versions of supporting files from the data source vendor’s web site.

Extra drivers included

The price of drivers varies. The table above gives the number of drivers included in the edition price if standard priced drivers are chosen.


• Designer: Windows and macOS
• Cloud Server: Hosted by Productive Technology, Server and Storage.
• Self-hosted Server: Linux daemon, Windows IIS
Other platforms and configurations are available by special request.

Storage (for report definitions)

Can use most popular relational databases. It is recommended that the customer provides a client-server database. Alternatively Wise Eyes will use an embedded database (file on disk). The customer is responsible for backing up storage, except for cloud editions.

Concurrent Users

is a mechanism for licensing the Server/Viewer. All editions allow unlimited logins, but the number of users who can concurrently use the viewer is restricted according to the licence purchased.