case study



I work in the marketing department. One my main tasks is monitoring the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Our business peculiarity requires us to use mainly online marketing campaigns, but all our sales are generated offline. One of my “favourites” is a report which shows the relationship between our sales, website performance and marketing campaigns costs. So far, our concept is quite straightforward. To do this I have a simple spreadsheet. Row by week. Columns for sales, site visitors and ad costs.

We have a lot of resources available to us, but the IT department could not suggest a way of automatically generating this. Every week I had to run Google Analytics to get the website information and ads stats. Then I also had to run a management report to get the sales information. Then I had to combine them with much copy and pasting, which is a lot of work.

That is what I used to do until recently when someone found Wise Eyes. Now I run a Wise Eyes report every time I need it and I get live data.

Since I’m no longer spending ages on copy & pasting and having the report ready takes less than a minute, I can invest my time into the analytics itself. It appears that Wise Eyes can retrieve absolutely any data from Google Analytics, so I’m constantly improving my report by adding useful new variables.



I’m no longer spending ages on copy & pasting...

I can now invest my time on analytics itself.

The way it works isn't complicated. I connected our Google Analytics to Wise Eyes to get all the info from there. I did the same with our Oracle sales database to get the sales information. The only thing I’ve had to ask for a bit of a help with was having the SQL query correct, but that didn’t take too long and now that it is written, I just run it each time instead of writing SQL every time.