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Lloyds Bordereau


We are an insurance broker operating internationally. In our quest to deliver the very best value for our customers we are regularly adding new products and new underwriters to our portfolio. Underwriters require that we report our sales to them using their Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are based on the industry standard Lloyds Bordereaux but they are all different. Typically they have 10 to 20 tabs with 40 to 200 columns per tab. Each tab has different columns. Fortunately we do not have to populate every column of every tab.

We used to populate them by running a report, then copy and paste into the underwriter provided template. It was a tedious process that everyone in the office tried to avoid. Underwriters were constantly chasing us for late bordereaux.

Wise Eyes Excel Inject

Then we found Wise Eyes. The Excel Inject feature creates a populated Bordereau in seconds. We have twelve such reports so far. If my current negotiations are successful we will need two more. Every month it takes minutes to run all twelve Bordereaux and e-mail them to the underwriters. Now it is always done on the first working day of the month.

One underwriter commented to me recently:

“We used to chase you every month for the bordereau. Now yours are the first in every month.”

I replied “Wise Eyes”, then explained.



Want to know more

Wise Eyes has two methods for creating Excel reports. “Render to Excel” is the conventional reporting technique of creating a new spreadsheet each time the report is run with formatting closely matching rendering to browser or printer. “Excel Inject” is a novel technique which injects report data into an existing spreadsheet using the existing formatting, formulae and tabs.

Lloyds Bordereaux spreadsheets are not complex, but they are large with many tabs and very many columns. To re-create such a spreadsheet, with the hallmark red and yellow column headings in Wise Eyes, or any other report writer would be tedious and error prone, Assuming that the report writer has sufficient features to accurately re-create the spreadsheet as Lloyds designed it. Using Excel inject a report can be quickly and accurately designed. Once designed running the bordereau is as quick and simple as running any conventional report: choose the report, set parameter values then click run.

Excel Inject supports spreadsheets more complex than the Lloyds Bordereau.

Features include:

  • Insert rows
  • Replicate tabs
  • Update existing cells
  • Match key values
  • Run macro



The picture at the top of this page is the Lutine Bell hanging in the underwriting room in Lloyds of London.  The bell was recovered from the wrecks of HMS Lutine in 1858. Historically it was rung twice when an overdue ship arrived safely, but once when a ship was lost notifying the underwriters that a substantial claim would be payable.