Automating populating of spreadsheets

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Automating populating of spreadsheets
A lot is written about the overuse of spreadsheets in business administration. Without weighting into that debate 

today one thing is certain - spreadsheets are here to stay.

How many hours are spent copying and pasting into Excel?

How many mistakes are made entering data into spreadsheets?

How many spreadsheets deliver vital information, but can only be updated by one person?

Introducing ‘Excel Inject’.

Excel Inject is a novel technique which injects report data into an existing spreadsheet using the existing 

formatting, formula and tabs.

It is as easy and as accurate as running a report - because that’s what is. Choose the report. Run it. 

Spreadsheet is updated.

It support all types of spreadsheets from simple to very complex:
-Insert rows
-Replicate tabs
-Update existing cells
-Match key values
-Run macro

Who will ever go back to manually copying and pasting?