Big Data is a voyage of discovery

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Big Data is a voyage of discovery
Big data makes it hard to focus.

It often presents quite a challenge for CIOs, IT departments, and marketers because of the nature of 
traditional relational databases. 

These complex enterprise data systems often struggle to keep pace with the volume of data collected 
and the disparity of information sources. 

The goal of a big data initiative is to capture rich and diverse data points that provide a deeper 
understanding of customers. 

Captured data can augment competitive research and performance analytics, and in many cases capture 
‘customer sentiment' metrics. 

Big data captured generally falls into three categories: 
-unstructured (text, videos, audio), 
-semi-structured data (email, reports, spreadsheets), 
-and structured data (sensor data, machine data, financial models, algorithms, etc.). 

No-SQL databases are the modern tool for handling big data.  

Extracting meaningful and relevant information is a voyage of discovery - an interactive process. 
Note the contrast to traditional reporting where the same reports are re-run regularly.

Effective exploration requires an understanding of the context of each data item alongside the 
business model of the organisation.