Effective Metrics

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Effective Metrics
The ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence is at the core of today’s successful enterprises.

Executives who want to compete in the modern economy can no longer leave decision making to gut feeling or 
trust a few “experts'' stuck in tiny cubicles far away from day-to-day operations with data analysis.

But first, if you want to utilize data correctly, you need to know what to measure in order to produce effective 
reports that help you, and other decision makers, see a more complete picture.

With this information at hand you can take your business in the right direction.

So ask yourself:
1.What industry trends might affect our business?
2.Is the quality of our product where it needs to be?
3.How well are we doing financially?
4.Where do our unique challenges and opportunities lay?
5.What products or service offerings are not selling?
6.What are our customers buying and are they satisfied?

Undoubtedly what you decide to measure should be based on your business goals and objectives.

Many metrics, however, are universal.

Over the coming weeks I’ll go over each reporting metrics your business needs to track with the help of 
our wise owl.

Before I go, what’s the most important business metric you base your decisions