Merging information from multiple systems

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Merging information from multiple systems
Most of us have multiple systems in our businesses.  

There is usually a core system.  Depending on the business it might be a full ERP system or specialized 

Time keeping, Scheduling, Order processing, Grants administration, Ticket Sales or whatever.  And usually a 

number of additional systems which might be accounts, HR, sales pipeline, maintenance, distribution, asset 

management and many more.

How often is information from combined sources needed?  How is that done - download then manually 

combine in a spreadsheet?  Read two (or three) reports side by side and jot notes down on paper?

How about a single tool that can connect to all your business systems and can combine data from multiple 

sources into a single report?

Wise Eyes is amazingly easy to manipulate, correlate, and manage large datasets regardless of the 

number of data sources as it supports 100+ cloud applications to be used in a single report.

Check out how one of our customers uses Wise Eyes to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing 

efforts when they use online marketing campaigns, but generate sales offline. 

Link to the case study in the comments below!