5 tools for designing reports quickly

1. Library of re-usable components
2. Parameters made easy
3. Format Cascade
4. Colour context SQL editor with Schema Explorer
5. Substitution braces


100+ data sources

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Main Features

check Multi data source reports
check All popular databases
check 100+ cloud applications
check Output to browser and Excel
check Inject into existing Excel spreadsheets
check Cross-tabs
check Drill Down
check International currency formatting
check Format Cascade
check Parameter wizard
check Graphs: pie; bar; line; scatter; bubble
check Library of re-usable report components
check Time Rules
check Substitution Braces
check Database Explorer
check Feature rich desktop Designer
check Server/Browser for distribution
check Unlimited logins
check User Permissions
check Windows, MacOS, Linux
check Online Help with tutorials
check Report writing service
check Multi-database reports
check ~Replace parameters

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