Advanced Statistical Aggregations

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Advanced Statistical Aggregations After the major release 1.2.0 we keep improving Wise Eyes. As we want you not only to visualize your data, but also help you analyze it – the upcoming update will include advanced statistical aggregations, like standard deviation. Stay tuned… READ MORE

Wise Eyes 1.2.0 is live!

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Wise Eyes 1.2.0 is live! Here is our much anticipated update! Wise Eyes 1.2.0 is live @! What’s new in this release: 📊The New Graphs ⚙️Reworked Multi-user Architecture and Multi-datasource Reports ☁️Cloud-based Trial now includes the Viewer Many thanks to the team and early adopters,… READ MORE

Big updates to come

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Big updates to come Bzzz! Like summer bees, our team has been working hard and dumb during recent months to prepare something really special for you. Big updates to come. We just need a little bit more of a time and effort to put… READ MORE

#NoMoreCopyPaste – Let “Excel Inject” do it.

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#NoMoreCopyPaste – Let “Excel Inject” do it. Have a look at how easy inserting data into Excel spreadsheets can be => No more routine work, #NoMoreCopyPaste needed. Let Wise Eyes’ “Excel Inject” do it. Excel Inject preserves the formatting of your tables, even for the most… READ MORE

Simon’s Linkedin Profile

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Simon’s Linkedin Profile This is the part about Wise Eyes only Intention to keep the rest of it unchanged. Standard Wise Eyes description for reference Wise Eyes is a smart reporting app that makes it easy to build and share reports across an… READ MORE

Simple Rollout

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Simple Rollout Wise Eyes is highly scalable, down and up. The single user “Solo” edition is only $25 a month. At the other end of the scale “Universe” edition features unlimited logins and load balancing across multiple servers. These modules are available:… READ MORE

Drill Down Reports

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Drill Down Reports Don’t you know!? #DrillDown report is a report which: ✔ allows you to explore data at different levels of data granularity, moving from top level down to a more detailed one. ✔ offers the ability to view aggregated, summary data… READ MORE

Wise Eyes Version 1.1.0

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Wise Eyes Version 1.1.0 Great news: After a while of hard working we are happy to release a new update – Wise Eyes version 1.1.0! Free Trial of the new version is now available @ What Is New: ?Graphs for output data display… READ MORE

Productive Technology

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Productive Technology In addition to the great team behind Wise Eyes, we would like to let you know about Productive Technology Ltd, the company which makes the project possible.   “Prod Tech”, as they are known are, pride themselves in understanding the… READ MORE